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Get the MOST out of your fleet. Let us custom build your truck to increase production and efficiency.

Our friends at Dakota Drywall called us because they wanted to increase their efficiency at the job site. What they were looking for was a 'Rolling Workshop' modification to one of their 24 foot box trucks. 

We met with them to better understand the HOW, WHY and WHAT they wanted to accomplish so they could utilize the most out of their vehicle.

After consulting with them we added and made the following modifications.

• 80 Gallon Air Compressor

• 4 Cylinder Diesel Powered Generator

• 40,000 BTU Furnace

• Built and installed a workbench with a service door

To make for a comfortable work environment, we redirected the air flow from the generator so heat from the radiator could be used to heat the rear working area of the truck. This meant the driver didn't have to run the truck's diesel engine to heat the area thereby saving fuel cost.

We also installed the company's special Spray Foam Machine, added lighting and electrical inside the truck work area, installed a 2500lbs lift gate and added an E Trak system and hose racks to secure all the equipment and any job material.

Here's what the client had to say about the finished work;

"We were blown away by the work Milwaukee Truck Service did. The truck is now way more efficient and worker friendly and we're able to quickly perform our work at the job site. The modifications they did is helping us with our bottom line."


What can we build to help you become more efficient? Call us and let's get together! 

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